just the fucking recipes

just the fucking recipes

what if there were a website with good recipes, but none of the endless scrolling, pop-up ads, and sponsored content before reaching the actual recipe at the bottom of the page (which is also usually hidden behind a clicky menu that conveniently glitches and sends you to an ad page)? wouldn't that be nice. anyway, here are some recipes with no fluff and no ads. notes and tips can be found at the end of recipes.

last updated 2/15/2021-- website under construction, thank u for your patience!

next on the docket --> adding more content, implementing search functionality

some categories:

sauces & spreads & dips
spices & syrups & marinades

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substitutions, etc

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all recipes are vegan/plant-based unless otherwise stated


this is a slow website. all content is written by a single person in HTML and posted when ready. there are no algorithms or advertisements here, and there never will be.